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January 28
• Hillsdale Republicans' Winter Breakfast Meeting.
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February 23-26
• Democrats meet to pick a new DNC Chair.
• Please pick Keith Ellison!

Hillary 4 Prison

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20160503 No Governor Gibson

• Congressman Gibson decides against a run for Governor.

20160207 Governor Gibson?

• Our Congressman, Chris Gibson, explores a run for Governor.

Key Dates


January 20
• President Trump (R-NY) Inaugurated!

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(Tired of winning so much?!?)
(Hey Democrats - tired of losing so much? Oh, hmmm... Nancy Pelosi... guess not...)

Friday January 20, 2017:

Our 45th President Donald J. Trump Inaugurated! What a great day!

Friday January 6, 2017:

The House of Representatives counts the votes. And Donald Trump WINS!

Official Final Electoral Vote Tally (December 20, 2016):
: )
Donald Trump 306-2304
Jaillary Clinton 232-5227
Colin Powell 0+3 3From Clinton - WA
Faith Spotted Eagle* 0+1 1From Clinton - WA
Ron Paul 0+1 1From Trump - TX
John Kasich 0+1 1From Trump - TX
Bernie Sanders 0+1 1From Clinton - HI
* Faith Spotted Eagle. Not kidding. The Democrats - inserting "mock" into Demockracy. Shameful.

Election Night Results (November 9, 2016):
: )

President: TRUMP 306 - 232
House of Reps: FASO 54.7 - 45.3
NY Senate: MARCHIONE 61.9 - 35.7
NY Assembly: MCLAUGHLIN 100 - 0


Election Day 2011 was a beautiful day so I planned a bike ride in New Jersey in the morning, then to drive from NYC up to New Lebanon, phone bank for Mike Benson, and vote. The plan soon went awry as an SUV making an improper turn t-boned me, knocking me flying off my bike at 25 mph! The police and EMS insisted I go to the hospital, but I refused - I had made a promise and I was going to keep it. A $100 cab fare got my wrecked bike and body from Alpine NJ back to the Bronx, from whence I writhed into my car and headed north. I voted the “R” line, including Jack Nevers for town judge. He won by 1 vote.

Your vote always counts. Always. On Election Day 2016, November 8th, make your vote count for John Faso.

Donald Trump and Crooked Hillary get all the headlines, but the race that matters for Hillsdale voters is the fight to fill the open seat vacated by Chris Gibson. Some observers believe the Democrats will gain some seats in the Senate and House. How many? That’s anyone’s guess.

Our nineteenth Congressional District could be the most expensive race in the country; it could be the closest race in the country; and it could determine which party controls the House of Representatives. And you could be the one who grants the Democrats control of the entire government by not coming out to vote for John Faso.

If our district is close on Election Day, it means the Democrats are probably having a good day - they’ve probably taken the White House and retained control of running the government; they’ve possibly taken the Senate and regained control of the Supreme Court nomination process; and they may be within a whisker of retaking the House and regaining control of the legislative process.

One Party Rule. Did you enjoy Nancy Pelosi’s reign of error from 2006-2010? How awful was that? Well, she’ll be back with a vengeance, with a Congress much further to the left. With far-left Big Government zealots like Elizabeth Warren added to the Senate… and, if we don’t get out the vote, another Socialist extremist named Zephyr Rain Teachout added to the House.

We need your vote. America needs your vote. John Faso needs your vote. Call your family, your friends, your colleagues. Please get out the vote, get out and vote, for the entire R-line on November 8th.

Send us an email - we look forward to hearing from you!

Hillsdale is situated in Columbia County, 125 miles north of New York City and 35 miles south of Albany, in the NY/MA/CT tri-state area. It's called Hillsdale for a reason! Our town is nestled in the foothills of the Taconic Range as they rise out from the Hudson Valley.


Our first Republican President put it so eloquently and succinctly in his second inaugural address:
“With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds…”
On May 3rd and 4th two of the three remaining Republican presidential hopefuls announced the suspensions of their campaigns, leaving Donald Trump as the last one standing and clinching our Party’s nomination, leaving many disappointed supporters of the other sixteen candidates in the wake.

Primaries are always divisive. As we fight for a preferred candidate, we internally demonize his opponents in order to double-justify our choice – our guy is so good, and, the other guys are so bad! Real bad!!

When there are seventeen candidates, the support gets spread quite thin, the vilification gets caked on quite thick, and the corresponding acrimony increases exponentially. So it is never a surprise when the eventual nominee faces rebuff from a large segment of the Party – in this case, whether the winner had been Cruz or Trump, or Bush, or anyone else.

I feel the same way. I’ve spent the past year repeating to myself how much I love Scott Walker, then Rick Perry, then Ted Cruz; and repeating to myself how much I loathe Jeb Bush, then Donald Trump; and always, of course, John Boehner... ;)

It’s over now. Time to let go, leave it behind. Time for us to clear our heads of such thoughts and our hearts of such feelings. It is time to rally around our nominee. This battle is over, it’s now time to focus on the war that is confronting us.

If you’re not quite ready to embrace our nominee just yet, then ponder how bad, how duplicitous a candidate Crooked Hillary is. Can you imagine, President Jaillary Clinton? She would be able to pardon herself. And persecute her FBI investigators, like Obama’s IRS has persecuted Tea Party groups.

Think about it… President Jaillary Clinton. The Obama Administration extended another four years! Awesome, right? Or can you find yourself warming up to the idea of President Trump?

Winning elections is hard work. It is time for us to unite and do the hard work. All of us. Together.

Keep thinking on those words from our great, first Republican President. And let's get to work electing the next great Republican President in 2016.


It never ceases to amaze us what this country’s founding fathers accomplished. Has there ever been a country that has brought so much peace, justice, freedom and prosperity to so many people?

Yet, a recent Rasmussen poll indicated that only 24% of Americans believe our country is headed in the right direction, while 68% believe we are on the wrong track. A CBS/NY Times poll had the exact same result. No news there, that something’s gone awry - it’s not like we don’t experience it every day. But shouldn’t we do something about it?

Should we continue with those “24%-ers”, and let Hillary Clinton keep us on the wrong track; or, worse yet, should we let the train wreck that is Bernie Sanders derail us completely? Or should the 68% of us, who know that something is amiss, work together to make the necessary course corrections as soon as possible?

If you were on the Thruway and suddenly realized you had missed your exit, or had entered in the wrong direction, wouldn’t you get off at the very next exit? America missed the exit in 2012, and now we are approaching the next exit – the 2016 elections. Shouldn’t we take this exit from Obama’s policies, and get back on course?

That’s why we are reaching out to other concerned Hillsdale residents, people like you. We know you care about this country and you already do your part every day to keep America great. But maybe you are wondering if there is something else you should do.

Maybe you have been thinking about getting involved in public affairs, and helping influence our country’s future direction, to put America back on track. In fact, maybe you have been hoping someone would reach out to you, asking for your help. If so, if you would like to get together with other Hillsdale Republicans, then let’s get in touch.


Let your voice be heard! Speak out on the issues. Get connected with us. Send us an email - we look forward to hearing from you!



Anyone on the "R" line

Republicans aren't always right, but the policies and legislation proposed by Democrats are invariably wrong.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day - that's two times a day more often then candidates with the letter "D" behind their names.